The Ghost Garage Door: Have you experienced the mystery ghost garage door opener? If you have then you know how frustrating this issue can be. Your garage door will mysteriously open on it’s own. If the garage door opens when you are away from home it can expose items in your garage to unwanted people and weather. If your garage connects to your home and you don’t lock your door, an open garage can also make your home more accessible.
The Half Door: This is when your garage door only goes up or down halfway. This is a problem for many reasons, getting items in or out of your garage, to being able to enter and exit it. A Loud Garage Door: Most have experienced a noisy garage door at some point. The squeals or metal-on-metal sounds that emanate from the garage when it is open or closed. Terrible for the ear! Manual Operation: Most likely you have and electric opener with a remote. If this stops working, It can be a real hassle having to open and close the door manually until your remote control is restored. The Tease: Maybe the garage door will open, maybe it won’t. This is the moment when your door opens a few inches then goes back down. If any of these garage door issues sound familiar, give us a call!