When your garage door is not functioning properly it can cause irritation and annoyance.

Our trained technician’s at Brokentop Garage Doors are specifically trained to operate a variety of garage brands, styles and designs. Once arriving to your home, a Brokentop Garage Doors technician will diagnose the issue and take you through the options in order to get your door functioning properly.  Next, the garage door technician will make the necessary adjustments and/or replacements of  broken parts. Lastly, they will let you know if there is any possibilities of further issues if you decide not to make all the recomended repairs.  Our trained technician’s at Brokentop Garage Doors can ease the frustration by offering same day repair.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Without delay, call now for a free estimate for your garage door repair in Bend Oregon and surrounding areas at 541-203-7676!

Generally speaking, here are some of the most common repairs:

  • Broken Garage Door Spring – Replacing the spring
  • Broken Garage Door Opener – Upgrading the opener or possibly replace parts in the opener
  • Garage Door Falls Off  Track – Place Door back on track or possibly replace parts
  • Damaged Garage Door Panels – replace the panels or upgrade to a new door
  • Broken Cable – replacing the cable and realign door
  • Broken Rollers – replace rollers
  • Additionally, we repair broken and bent hinges, sensors and broken chain replacement